Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Mortgage Broker

Joanne Parkers |

Mortgage Agents in High River

When shopping for a house, it makes sense to hire a mortgage broker to compare rates and obtain suitable sources of finance. Mortgage agents act as a bridge between borrowers and lenders. They save you time by doing all the legwork to scope out the best loan options. These experts also guide you through the necessary paperwork to avail a loan.

Mortgage brokers are the perfect solution to finance your real estate needs. They help you find the right mortgage products for your specific situation, they do all the lender research, number crunching, and support you throughout the loan application and settlement procedures. However, not all brokers are created equally. Some professionals are driven by the joys of helping people while others are motivated by their own career success.

To help you find the precise person for the job, we’ve prepared a checklist of all the top five abilities a mortgage broker must possess.

1. Responsive.

There’s nothing worse than mortgage agents who delay responding to your inquiries. Prompt responses show that a professional is well aware of your queries and is eager to help you clear your doubts. It also gives you the confidence to trust a broker more and get through the procedures much faster.

2. Knowledgeable.

Besides connecting you with multiple lenders in the market, a mortgage broker also advises you about the most suitable loan products to achieve your real estate desires. Try to ask questions concerning the things you are curious about. The mortgage agent you interact with must educate you and advise you with your best interests in mind. A knowledgeable agent will be quick with an informative response.

3. Honest.

Do not hesitate to ask about broker fees, why they are charged and how the broker gets paid for their services. With this information, you can spot hidden fees. You can also tell if the broker will charge you a brokerage fee or a finder’s fees to the lender. If you are both charged fees, the broker’s main focus is on earning money. Most brokers do not charge borrowers any fee, especially if they collect fees from lenders.

4. Personable.

For smooth communication, a professional with a pleasant personality is very important. If a mortgage broker is insensitive and rude when speaking with you, it’s challenging to communicate freely. You may wonder if the broker is even bothered about what’s best for you or if they are just trying to get through the day. On the other hand, a friendly and supportive broker will encourage you to ask questions and will answer them to your satisfaction.

5. Respectful.

As the debt instruments expert, a mortgage agent must understand just how much you know about mortgages then add to this knowledge and rectify misconceptions, if any. You must be informed of your mortgage options, the specific documents you must submit, and which forms to fill. Besides respecting your limited knowledge about mortgages, a broker must also respect good business ethics.

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